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You Aura
I'd give you my thanks for being a friend, but you never were a very good one. . .
I'd give you my condolences for your loss, but I don't care that much. . .
I'd give you anything within my power, only if you'd ask. . .
And, of course, if you had given me the respect I believe I deserved; if only a little more
I still find you delightful, your smile, your laugh, but I no longer receive sustenance from these things
My life is dull, but you still give off your vibrant aura
I hate you so much, but I can't help but smile when you come around
I feel as if you find it funny that I am in this much pain. . .
I can't find it in my heart to forgive you; I don't think you can gather enough compassion to say you are sorry
So, we sit at this impasse with nothing more to say
I belittle you in so many ways, but why do I feel like the insignificant one when you are the scum of the Earth
Your ability to brush off my words annoys me to no end, but it is a skill I wish to possess
Why do the ones who do n
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 0 0
You visage has not changed since that time,
The bags under your eyes sag, as they age, like fine win,
Your lips a pale blue, dragging the knife across your chest I relish the small whine it drags from you,
You have little to no energy and I can feel the live in you slipping away
Ah, the dominion I feel over is the greatest pleasure I have experienced in my long live,
The moon is setting, the will sun rise
I dig the knife deeper, cutting the skin
Your voice whispers, "Stop. . ."
"Stop," I mutter back, you actually believe I will?
Dragging the knife to your throat I trace of the incisions I made earlier this night
The blood flows freely and you convulse with whatever energy you have left
I pour salt on the wound, further further agitating it
I plunge the knife into your heart and leave, I must find another toy,
You weren't as fun as I thought you would be
Disappointment washes over me as I exit the room and descend the stairs,
So many disappointments in this world, so many wastes space.
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 0 0
I am lost in the delusion
The delusion being madness
Everyone has it, this much is true
But the madness has made me grow rather fond of you
Why is this mad?
Because I only like you because someone else does
Hmm, is this madness of jealousy?I see very little difference between the two
Please tell me you find solace reading these words
Because these words are last you ever see or here
I have come to the conclusion that your life needs to end
You have done nothing wrong,
But you see; I want to be the only one you see
Sure, you say your eye will never wonder,I almost have a hard time not laughing at that
We all know you will one day,When my body and mind are no longer unknown to you
But you've always known about these things so what is my chance to be with you?
I will never speak to, dream about you nor write to you.
A Shadow of Myself
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 0 0
I have lost you it seems,
But then why do you feel closer than ever?
This feeling is not bad I have to admit
It almost feels good
It feels like I have just come into contact with you,
Like I had never really accepted you as a person,
Do you love me?
You ask me that everyday, my answer has never been inclined to change
The answer is no,
It's because I barely know you
We have been together for so long, but it seems to me like we have just met on the street,
How odd,
But I have accepted this fact as a truth
How do you expect me to love you when I do not know who you are?
I pity you, yes, but that will never become love
I'm not sorry.
How do I properly apologize to someone I do not know?
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 0 0
Stricken By You Again
Stricken By You Again
It is nothing new
Red black and blue
This time I'll go
No, I can't, it may seem weird
I lie here,
My tears have never tasted this salty
I find it queer,
Even now I don't have the will to leave
I refuse to accept the fAct,
The one that says I may be weak
I will leave eventually,
Just not now
I love you,
You've said it many times,
It always seems true
You stand over me,
No look if remorse,
You always have that look,
But then,
You reach down, give me your hand
I take it, like I have many tines before
You say: "I love you."
Then you kiss my bloodied lips
I smile,
It's fake
None of mine are real,
Not since you first struck me
You'll change back to the person you were when we first fell in love
Love at first sight right?
I love you
Do you really mean it?
At night while you rest, I slip away in the night
I'm free
Not for long,
You find me, the cycle begins again
This time it's over, but not by choice, by accident
You've finally done it, killed me. . .
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 0 0
I Didn't Ever Love You
I didn't ever live you, I wish it were true
I didn't ever love you, I think my heart belongs to you
Please say you never loved me, because then maybe I can go on
Please say you never loved me, because then my soul will not have to suffer
I will say I never loved you, it will be a lie, but will sound like absolution
I will say I never loved you, but if you say you loved me I'll come back to you
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 0 0
You're my new dolly, straighten your back
You're my new dolly, yet mishap you lack
Your hair is black, let's turn it neon green
Bastardly collection of gothic poems the ones with a venomous gleam
My little dolly drink your tea, oh dear, don't make me plea
You are dusty and have many fleas
I'll make it better, just give me those scissors
Snip, snip, snip
I kiss your lips still covered in blood, wipe that scream off your face!
You say I'm crazy, no I'm not, I'm insane
Time to undress; wear this velvet dress the one that makes you look like your in glee
Wipe away the tears, mascara and that blood
You've brought be little amusement, time to throw you away
Oh, a newer dolly, stop screaming, it's only just begun...
:iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 2 6
Wonderland by KerlisLittleMonster Wonderland :iconkerlislittlemonster:KerlisLittleMonster 2 0


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Well, I have to write a 3-5 minute long speech, which is due on the 2nd. I have not even started on that . . . Sigh, I hate Speech/Forensic, the teacher is nice most of the times, but since my classmates are a bunch of arschlochs she constantly has to bitch us all out. Wrote a Homestuck fan fiction for my friend, might upload that for the lulz.


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